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Big Mistakes To Avoid As A Blogger

Blogging Mistakes

If you are a new blogger and just recently started your blog or you have been blogging for a short time and you feel you are stuck, take some time to understand the most common mistakes that a blogger can make and how to rectify them.

Of the most common mistakes bloggers make are:

Having unrealistic expectations

If you started your blog expecting instant results and to make money immediately, you may be very disappointed: While it is not impossible to grow your blog within a few months, reality is that it takes lots of time, work and dedication. The more articles you write with SEO titles and content and the more you promote, you will start seeing results and that will motivate you to continue to build a successful blog.

No Planning, Just diving in As A New Blogger

Many bloggers are so excited to get started that they dive in rather than taking time to plan. When starting your blog, remember it is like running your business and you cannot run a successful business without a business plan. Plan for at least 10-15 articles before launching your blog. Take the time to read dozens of different blogs in your niche and see what is the most popular posts and then get ideas and motivation from that.


A New Blogger Losing Focus

You probably had a particular reason for starting your blog. It might have been to express your love for your hobby or your views on a certain topic. Sometimes when you pick a niche, especially if it is a hobby you might be limited to what to blog about. That might be a reason for you to lose focus on building your blog. There are ways around that. You can broaden you niche. For example, if your blog is advising about how to fish you can expand to maybe writing reviews on different fishing products.

Ignoring your Readers

There will be some readers on your blog who will leave comments; some will agree with you and some readers may even compliment your insights but some will pick a point you’ve made and criticize it. The reason people leave comments on others blogs is to exchange ideas and express their opinions. If you want to become a serious and successful blogger it is always important to respond to your visitor’s comments; thank them for reading and visiting your blog and taking the time to comment (even the severe critics.) If their comment is criticism show your visitor that you appreciate their honesty.  You will probably end up losing visitors to your blog if you ignore comments from your readers.

The worst way a new blogger can approach blogging is to sit back and expect the blog to grow all by itself. Successful bloggers will tell you that great blogs takes dedication, hard work and effort to make it work. The first 3 months of your blogging career will need plenty of hard work to sustain it. Your blogging plan does not have to be perfect but in order to succeed you will need one.

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