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DIY A4 Filofax Weekly Schedule Printable

daily planner printable A4 Filofax

Follow this step-by-step easy tutorial and make your own weekly schedule printable in 15 minutes using PowerPoint.

This size for this printable is a standard A4 filofax size but you can adjust the size to which ever size you prefer.

Let’s start the tutorial.

Page Size For Weekly Schedule Printable

Open a new PowerPoint slide and change the layout to blank. Click on the design tab and slide size, then choose custom slide size. For the A4 filofax size change the width to 5.826 px and the height to 8.267 px. Next choose ensure fit.

daily planner printable A4 Filofax

Insert Sections For Weekly Schedule Printable

We will be using a table for the sections of the planner. Go to the insert tab, select table and choose 1×1 table. With the table still selected, click on the design tab and choose the medium style 4 design.

Weekly Schedule Printable

Fill the table with white background, 1. With the table still selected click on the layout tab and change the table height to 0.95″ and the width to 3.31.

Move you table towards the top left corner but leave enough space for your heading at the top.

daily planner printable A4 Filofax

Use shift+Ctrl to copy your section directly below your table, leave a small gap inbetween. Continue to copy in this manner until you have 7 sections. Select all tables and adjust if necessary.

daily planner printable A4 Filofax

Copy the top table and move to the right. Change the height to 0.59 and the width to 1.55. Move the table to the top of the right corner. Leave a small gap from the edge.

Weekly Schedule Printable

Copy another section directly from the small section and drag directly below and keep inline with the table on the left side. Increase the width of the new section until only a small gap at the edge remains. Change the height to 2.44.

daily planner printable A4 Filofax

Copy another section directly below the previous one and change the height to 2.61. Copy the last section the same way and adjust the height till an appropriate gap inbetween the 2 sections. Line the section up at the bottom with the section on the left.

daily planner printable A4 Filofax

Editing Sections for Weekly Schedule Printable

Click on the instert tab, then select the text box and draw the box in the top space and type in your text. For the heading, the font I used is Mistral with size 40.

In the first section on the left, draw a text box inside and add the text. The font I used is Uppercase Batang with size 12. Copy the text box and move it all sections. Change the font to lowercase for the right sections and move text to the middle.

Weekly Schedule Printable

Drawing lines

For the checklist inner section, draw a text box then click on bullets. Use the – (hyphen) key to draw 2 lines. Hit the enter key to start a new bullet point then draw the 2 lines again. Continue like this until you are satisfied with the amount of lines. The font I use here is Calibri (body), the size is 12.2 and the color is “white background darker 25%”.

Weekly Schedule Printable

For the following section click on insert, then shapes and select the line tool. Draw a line from left to right to get the size of your preference. Use the same color as the bullet list for the line.

Copy the line and drap directly underneath leaving a gap inbetween. Continue to copy this way until you are happy with the amount of lines. Do the same for the last section.

To complete the printable I added a flower to the right corner of the page using a png image that has no background.

There you have it! A beautiful looking weekly schedule printable in minutes. You can play around with the size of your page and sections, add or remove sections to best suit your needs.

Weekly Schedule Printable

Click here to download the Weekly schedule A4 Filofax printable template.

Watch The Tutorial

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