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Diy Floral Teal Daily Planner Printable

DIY Daily Planner Printable

Make this beautiful floral teal daily planner printable in a couple of minutes using PowerPoint. You can take some insperation from this tutorial to create your own unique design. Let’s get started.

Open a new PowerPoint document. In the home tab, click layout and select blank. Click on the design tab, click slide size then custom slide size.

Change the page width to 7in and the width to 9.25. Click ok then ensure fit. Click format background, select picture fill and choose your background.

The background I used is a free image from and you can download it here. Next click on the insert tab and insert the rounded rectangle shape.

For the shape fill I used white and the outline I used my color picker chrome extension to get the teal colors that is in the floral pattern.

When you use the color picker extension, you need to use the rgb codes which is short for red, green and blue. To ge to that in PowePoint, go the shape outline and select more outline colors.

In the custom tab, in the color model RGB should be selected. Change the below codes to the following, Red-93, Green – 111 and Blue – 109. Click ok then change the wieight of the outline to 2 1/4.

DIY Daily Planner Printable

For the inserts you can play around with the sizes and placements. Hold Shift + Ctrl and drag to copy the shapes easily without having to format the shape over and over.

Remember to leave a big enough gap at the top for your title and date. Leave a gap at the left side for the binder rings aswell. For the left page leave a gap at the opposite size for the rings.

DIY Daily Planner Printable

For the headings, insert text boxes wherever you wish in each section. The font I used is Baskerville Old and size 14.

For the lines, I used a text box to fit in the section, then inserted bullets and used the (-) symbol on the keybord to make lines. I also used the Baskerville old font with size 16 and a light grey color.

For 2 of my inserts I used the line shape to draw lines with a light grey color. For the water tracker you can download a image and change the color, resize and copy until you have 8 images.

In the menu section I copied the same the text box 3 times and used the same size font. I added a line shape underneath each text box.

DIY Daily Planner Printable

Insert a text box into the open space at the top left and type in your title. The font I used is Freestyle Script size 48. For the date, insert a rounded rectangle shape into the top right corner, make the fill white and the shape outline teal. Change the height to 0.61 and the width to 2.27.

Copy one of the text boxes, type in date and change the size to 14. Insert a line shape just below the text box and change the color to light grey.

Move the date and line shape towards the top of the shape. Copy another text shape and type in the first letter of everyday in capital letters. Use the space bar twice between each letter. Center the text box below the date and line shape and you are all done.

DIY Daily Planner Printable

Download this daily planner printable here

Watch the Tutorial

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