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Effective Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website

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When starting your website, the only way you are probably going to get traffic is through paid traffic. If you are willing to put time and effort into driving free traffic to your website, then you will find some helpful tips below. It may take some time for the traffic to flow to your website but mastering it will help you speed up the process. Let’s get into it.

Free Traffic from Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best traffic platforms to drive visitors to your website or blog. You might not know this but Pinterest is actually a search engine like google. The only difference Is that Pinterest is a visual search engine.  If you create eye-catching visual content it can be a very effective traffic source.

With Pinterest pins you don’t have to worry about your pin only being visible for a short time because one of the best advantages about Pinterest is your pin will continue to get views, clicks and shares for a long time because Pinterest was designed for sharing and saving pins. If you stay active on Pinterest, your traffic will definitely increase.

Driving Pinterest traffic to your website is not that difficult because the process is simple: Create your relevant boards, pin eye-catching images from your website or blog, add your link to your post, and add a few keywords to your description. Repeat that process over and over again with all your blog posts or products.

pinterest free traffic

Pinterest is definitely a great way to drive free traffic to your website. Many bloggers consider Pinterest to be their no 1 source for free traffic.

SEO Organic Traffic

Optimizing your content or products for search engines is still worth doing. This process takes time for you to rank on search engines but in the long run it will be worth it. Sometimes it can take 2-4 weeks to rank and other times a little bit longer. Over time it will boost your traffic.

free traffic

Search engine optimization is not as complicated as it sounds. Apply the basics such as:

  • Write Compelling and Irresistible Headlines
  • Use main keywords and long-tail keywords
  •  Create Subheadings with H2 and H3 and long-tail keywords
  • Consider article lengths between 1000 & 3000 words

SEO is not dead. If you want to drive traffic to your website by optimizing your content, you need to do lots of keyword research and in-depth research on your post topic. SEO is still one of the best free traffic sources that can be used to reach a portion of millions of users searching the internet.

Facebook Groups and Social Media Posts

Social media is one of the most powerful online marketing tools available to everyone. Creating or joining groups in your niche on Facebook and other social media platforms can be a way for you to engage with your audience and gain their trust. Once you have built a relationship with your audiences you can start sharing and promoting your products and posts. You need to add social sharing buttons on your website to be able to do this.

free traffic.

A huge tip for sharing in Facebook groups is to find threads in your groups that invites you to share your new posts or your Facebook page in the group. These groups usually have specific days for this such as “Like a page Wednesday”.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a great tool to increase your website traffic. You can either accept guess post on your website or you can write on other people’s website with a link back to your website. When writing as a guest post you need to create a gripping piece of content that will give your blog a strong reputation and make the readers want to visit your website.

Always be respectful and follow the instructions provided by the site that you want to guest post on. Not all sites will accept your proposal to guest post, but you can always try again with new ideas or propose the idea to another website. Guess blogging is definitely an option to consider to gain free traffic to your website.

Free Traffic With Quora

One of the most overlooked free traffic sources is Quora. If you do not know what Quora is, it is a website where anyone can ask or answer any questions on basically anything. You can use this to your advantage by searching for questions about your topic or in your niche and answer them with enticing information that will attract more visitors to your website. Creating a profile with a profile picture and information will give you some higher perceived authority.

See to it that your answers provide value and capture the attention of your readers. Make sure to actually answer each question not just with a few words and a link to your website. You might get banned for doing this. Try answering with a short summery that answers the question exactly. Quora is another powerful way to drive free traffic to your blog.

Bonus tip: It is a good idea to add new content to your blog or website on a weekly basis. One of Google’s ranking factors is fresh content.

So there are many ways to drive free organic traffic to your website. You may not see results immediately but if you implement some of these strategies there is an almost guarantee that your visitors to your site will grow. The more time you spend testing and applying these methods the faster you will become better at it and start using strategies that work for you.

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