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How To Create A Weekly Planner Printable

daily planner printable

I will show you how to create a super easy and fast daily planner printable using PowerPoint. You can play around with different color schemes and images to suite your needs.

Lets get started.

Setting Page Size and Design For Planner Printable

Starting with a new PowerPoint slide go to layout and choose blank. Click on design tab, then slide size and change your page size width to 8.5 in and height to 11 in. Click on ok then ensure to fit.

daily planner printable

Next you click on format background and select the color for your planner. I am using blue lighter 60% for this tutorial.

Inserting Sections Into Planner Printable

We will be using tables to insert the sections for our planner. Click on insert then insert a table of 4×1. At this stage you can stretch your table a bit to englarge it so that you can see the changes to the format of the table.

daily planner printable

Select the whole table and choose the “medium style 4 accent 6” towards the bottom of the styles. Click on no border to remove all borders. Fill your table with a lighter color than your background. I am using the blue lighter 80%.

Click on pen weight and choose the last option, 6 pt then click on pen color and choose the same color as your background. Move your pen to where the inside borders was and click until the horizontal line appears with all 3 columns.

daily planner printable

Next you need to adjust the size of your table until you are happy with the size. If your table is too big you can always adjust it when adding your other sections.

Copy the table by using shift+ctrl and click and dragging with your mouse to create the second section. Right click with the mouse and click the delete option on the right to delete 1 column.

daily planner

We now have 3 columns. Adjust the column so that it lines up with the top columns and make the height a bit smaller than the top table.

Copy the table in the same way as before and drag it to the very bottom leaving a small gap at the end. Adujst the height to make it smaller. Right click again and delete 1 column. Adjust the width to line up with previous tables.

Copy the bottom table the same way as before and drag the table to the gap on top of the bottom table. Right click and delete 1 column leaving 1 column. Adjust the width to line up with all other colunms.

Now you can adjust your spacing in between the sections to your preference. Leave enough of a gap at the very top your printable for the heading.

daily planner

Editing The Planner Printable

Add text boxes at the top of each column to indicate the days using the font and size of your preference. The font I use is Batang and size 20. Copy and drag the text boxes to each column. This will help line up the text accurately.

Weekly schedule

For the notes column in the second last section, use the line tool to make 2 or 3 lines and adjust it to line up.

For the heading I used Mistral font and size 48. You can increase or decrease your size to fit at the top of your page. I added flowers with no background for a finishing touch.

Weekly Schedule

That’s it! This very simple printable can be completed in less than 15 minutes and the styling can be adjusted to make plenty of different planner printables.

Watch The Tutorial Here

Click here to download this daily schedule template

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