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The Simple Way To Do SEO Yourself

Seo Do it yourself

What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website with certain keywords to naturally attract visitors by ranking on the top of major search engines such as google. This is also known as organic traffic where visitors find you with keywords that you have optimized your website with.

Back in the day, ranking in the first page of major search engines with only a few keywords was not that hard, but competition is really high today so much more effort is required. These techniques are very simple and only require patience and time from you and the best part is, it is free SEO. Let’s get into it.

Seo Do it yourself

Your Domain Name

When you register your domain name, make sure that customers will be able to remember it and what search engines think is relevant. So if you selling homemade jewelry, choose a domain like instead of If you already have a domain such as your name, you can add the relevant keywords that describe your product or service in your site title.

SEO Title Tag

Most newbie bloggers tend to underestimate the value of their title tag for each page. For search engines the content of your title tag is very valuable when ranking your site for keywords. Add your most important keywords to your title tag. Make your tags specific and unique for each page on your site.

Your Title Tag should be short because it’s easier for for search engines to crawl and for people to read.

Header Tags

The header tag should be used to give the reader an idea of what information your page displays. It is best to use about 20 to 30 words that would describe your page while trying to fit in as many keywords that the space will allow. Try adding keywords that flows naturally into your sentences. You don’t want it to look spammy.

Image ALT Tags

The ALT tag is one of the diy SEO tricks missed by many bloggers. This is the tag used for a very short description of an image file.  Using your important keywords in the image description has been shown to have a good effect with search engines. When using the ALT image tag, remember to add keywords of your post and not what your image is about. For example, if your main keyword is blogging and you have an image of a laptop, use blogging as your image ALT tag and not laptop. 

Seo Do it yourself

Keyword density for SEO

You should always try and make sure that your important keywords have a 5 to 8 percent density in your post. Major search engines have their own preferences as to how many times a keyword or keyword phrase can be used on any of your blog pages in order to show the importance of a certain keyword.   Any keywords higher than 10 percent density, may be considered as keyword spamming. Keywords in H1 and H2 heading tags can be used to elevate your important keywords within your site. 

The keywords used with these tags are considered more by search engines.

Inbound Links

Getting inbound links is a very important SEO strategy. Search Engines ranks your site based on the quality of inbound links to your site.  Linking from other highly ranked sites will increase your sites ranking because they are more valuable.  Try contacting other website owners to ask them if you can write articles that will benefit them for free where you can add links back to your site. The sites linking to you should be related to your site.

Optimizing your website for SEO for popular search engines such as google might take months before you see results because competition is high. Posting more SEO optimized content will help to increase your website’s chance of ranking higher.

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